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Wrap and Grow - Flower Gift Sets With Seeds

Wrap and Grow flower gifting sets include all the materials you need to create homemade flower bouquets, with a handy six-step guide and seeds.

For instant wrapping simple add your own cut flowers or locally brought flowers. 

Perfect gardener gifts, to learn something new or to grow with children.

A postbox gift in a decorated box which neatly fits through a standard letterbox for easy gifting straight to someone special.

 "I must have flowers, always, always and always." - Claude Monet

Wrap and Grow - Flower Gift Sets With Seeds
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Coral Inspiration Flower Wrap and Grow Gift Set - Designed for British Flower Week - Kelly Rideout Design
Bloom Flower Wrap Gift Set With Seeds - Create Bouquets - Kelly Rideout Design
Children's Rainbow Flower Wrap and Grow Set Includes Seeds - Kelly Rideout Design
Plant Love Wrap Gift Set - Gift Homegrown Plants With Style - Kelly Rideout Design
Cut Flower Wrap and Seeds Gifting Set - Create Homemade Flower Arrangements - Kelly Rideout Design
Fresh Blooms Cut Flower Bouquet Wrap and Grow With Seeds Gardner Gift Set - Kelly Rideout Design
Yellow Flower Wrap With Seeds Gift - Wrap and Grow Set - Kelly Rideout Design
Cut Flower Wrap & Grow Gift Set - Create Bouquets From Your Garden - Kelly Rideout Design
Birthday Flower Wrap and Seeds Gift Set - Seeds For Birthday Month - Kelly Rideout Design
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