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Birthday Gift Ideas

Inspiring gifts for flower lovers and gardeners. 

Buy as a present to someone special or purchase a box to wrap flowers yourself and delight others with hand-tied flower bouquets. 

Eco-friendly, designed and made in Britain. 

Birthday Gift Ideas
7 results
Coral Flower Wrap and Grow Gift Set - Flower Wrapping - Kelly Rideout Design
Plant Love Wrapping Gift Set - Kelly Rideout Design
Children's Rainbow Flower Wrap and Grow Set Includes Seeds - Kelly Rideout Design
Plant Lovers Joy - Garden Pot Plant Wall Art Print - Kelly Rideout Design
Bloom Flower Gift Set With Seeds - Wrap and Grow - Kelly Rideout Design
Happy Birthday Blooms Wrap and Stickers Kit
Flower Love Gift Set - Create Your Own Flower Bouquets - Kelly Rideout Design
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