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Hand Crafted With Love, Layer on Layer, Mixed Media Art Prints

Hand Crafted With Love, Layer on Layer, Mixed Media Art Prints

Each hand crafted print or bespoke art work is lovingly handmade in the studio, using layers and mixed media to build the design with depth. Each layer that is added is given thoughtful consideration whether it is vintage textiles, handmade paper, buttons, drawings, trimmings or personal photography. 

Pretty Things Haberdashery

Mixed Media Farmhouse Print

Your day dream moment

These are a selection of close up of the designs for Molly Margaret Designs. In these images you can see the detail which goes into each design, between each layer we encapsulate a little happiness from our Hampshire studio which we hope transcends into each art print. We also aim to delight and encourage us all to look again. As beauty really is all around us, if we look carefully and closely.

We produce both professionally printed Giclee prints of the original mixed media design or the original mixed media artwork can be purchased. If you have a holiday cottage, favourite garden scene or something you would like to commission please contact us. All the prints above can be seen complete in the collection Molly Margaret Village.

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